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French course for kids

  • suitable for kids of ages 7 to 13

  • beginner & intermediate levels

Teenager with Buns

French course for teens

  • suitable for teens of ages 13 to 17

  • beginner & intermediate levels


French course for adults

  • suitable for students over 17

  • beginner & intermediate


Hello everyone, I am a tutor/teacher with 5.5 years of experience in this area. I have worked with kids of ages 4-12 adolescents and also adult learners. I teach French as a Second Language and English as a Second Language. I am offering semi-private classes for all age groups — kids, adolescents and adults for only 15$ per hour. My French classes take place 2-3 times a week and are designed to help you understand the language better and also be able to express yourself in French too.


During these classes, you get to improve:

  • your listening skills — understand what others want to communicate to you

  • you speaking skills — be able to express your thoughts in French and well-communicate with others


While the focus of our class is on LISTENING & SPEAKING, we also touch on READING & WRITING skills a bit too. Here is the breakdown of the time spent in the classes:


  • SPEAKING & LISTENING: 75% of the time

    • We will get to do listening practice exercises, starting from easy conversations and moving on to more natural and complex conversations

    • You will be put into smaller groups of 2 students to practice conversational French with each other

    • You will be given a guide to effectively watching videos and answering to related questions — during your free time

    • You will be given optional homework to work on at home

    • I will also give you a guide on the best practice books and resources, so you can advance in this language learning journey

  • READING & WRITING: 25% of the time

    • We will work on proper sentence formation and word spelling during the class

    • I will give you individual and personalized feedback on your writing — for FREE (included in the price of the classes)


To sign up for yourself or for your child, please send me a message to 514.795.1339

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Hear from my students in the past

Avatar 100

In my second semester at Marianopolis college, I had the pleasure of being tutored by Rosie in mechanics. Within of few minutes of our first session together I knew that Rosie was not just your average tutor. She not only  helped me master the course’s material through her insightful way of explaining concepts which at first seemed so daunting, Rosie also taught me to believe in myself and Her patience, enthusiasm and passion for teaching created a learning environment in which I was not afraid to ask questions and make mistakes. I am truly thankful to have met Rosie as she managed to make a subject which I once dreaded exciting and fun. 

Rebecca D.

Avatar 109

Rosie is an excellent tutor that assisted me with my success in calculus 1, calculus 2 and linear algebra. She is very patient and always finds ways to explain the material no matter how difficult the subject matter is. She has always been helpful with my queries and questions.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the topics that she tutors and displays a genuine interest in helping.  I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you Rosie. 


thumbnail_Krista Smyth headshot.jpg

My son Max, was tutored by Rosie during his second year of Cegep when he was 18 years old.  As a dyslexic student, he was struggling to keep up with math and physics and was averaging D- for both subjects.  Rosie coached him once a week for a year.  She was patient and methodical.  Max passed both classes with Bs and has since graduated.  I can highly recommend Rosie as a tutor without reservation.  She’s fantastic!

Krista S.

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Rosie has been a tutor for over 5 years, and she has had experience with over 100 students from both French and English schools (anywhere from pre-school to 2nd year at the university level). She graduated from Marianopolis college in 2017 with an R-Score of 37 and an average of 94%. She started tutoring when she was in CEGEP and she also worked as a Teacher Assistant for marking assignments for students in her CEGEP, so she knows how your assignments and exams are being marked!

Aside from that, she is experienced in teaching kids, adolescents and adults French as a Second Language & English as a Second Language. Her experience working as an instructor for a private school in Montreal (where she taught classes of over 30 students over Zoom) has allowed her to become a professional teacher with effective means of instruction.


Her passion for math inspired her to participate in many math competitions; she received an Honour Roll and Distinction for the largest and the most prestigious math contest in Canada: The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge. She also ranked 13th among all the students in Quebec in a Quebec-wide math competition (called AMQ). She is now in her final year of studies for Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. She is committed to becoming a full-time teacher and a part-time software developer after graduation.  


All in all, her ability to teach math and physics in both French and English has allowed her to be able to help many students in primary school, secondary school, and also, CEGEP.

Whether you are a young student looking to improve your math or physics or an adult who wants to prepare for English or French classes, you have come to the right spot. Our lessons ensure quality and guarantee satisfaction.


Here are the highlights of her tutoring profile:

— Over 5.5 years of experience

— Has worked with over 100 students (French & English)

— Completely bilingual

— Graduated CEGEP with an R-Score of 37 and average of 94%

— One of the greatest success stories of her is that she increased the grade of a student from 30% (on the midterm) to 65% (on the final) in about 1.5 months!

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